Foods, Moods and Diet Theories!

Foods, Moods and Diet Theory's

 by Dianne Rini

It is so important for us to become aware of how the foods we eat make us feel,  how our moods change , our energy increases or decreases and why it should matter.  When you start to ask yourself these questions after you eat scrambled eggs, oatmeal, fresh fruit, or a muffin and coffee you will become more aware of which of these foods make you feel full of energy and which make you feel you have to "peal yourself off your chair" two hours later.     Once we  understand how our own bodies work  we will be able to consciously choose the right foods that fuel and satisfy our own unique body system.

Do you also like the idea of eating more and weighing less?  Now that might seem almost impossible, but it really isn't.  Once you  understand how this can work you will see that it's true.   The key is eating as much as you like of foods that are nutrient-rich and low in calories and understanding caloric density or volumetrics.  I will take an example from Joshua Rosenthal's book Integrative Nutrition: Feed Your Hunger For Health and Happiness. (You can get a free download when you go to my website

Let's use one package of Oreos (everyone loves Oreos)  which has 2200 calories.  For the same amount of calories we could consume one pound of carrots,  one pound of papaya, one pound of apples, one pound of onions, one pound of lettuce, one pound of kale, one pound of tofu, one pound of 2% cottage cheese, two pounds of cantaloupe, two pounds of celery and two pounds of cucumber.

Are you starting to follow where I am going with this?  You see, your body needs a certain volume of food each day.

It doesn't know if the bowl of cherries you are eating is 100 calories or 1000 calories. So by choosing foods that have low caloric density, you can feel full without adding that love handle around your waist.  

 All the diet theories out there have one common goal which is to lose weight.  Some truly are out there to help you eat healthier or to heal a certain condition.  They have a lot of ideas on what foods they think we should eat to reach these goals. You will see those you might be able to do and others-- not a chance.  No one diet theory is good for everyone.  When you  become more aware of what foods you like and  which make you  feel better , you are more likely to come up with a list of  foods that are good for your unique body. 

So, try it for one week.  This is one way  Rosenthal's book, Integrative Nutrition: Feed Your Hunger For Health and Happiness explains how to listen to the messages from your body.  Directions: For seven days write down what you eat for breakfast each day and  how you feel both right after the meal and then again two hours later.


Day 1: Scrambled eggs -   (Right after eating I felt... Two hours after eating I felt..)
Day 2: Scrambled Tofu (or if you are like me -my body doesn't tolerate tofu- you can replace it with tempeh, which seems to work better for me.  (See
Day 3: Oatmeal
Day 4: Boxed Breakfast Cereal
Day 5: Muffin and coffee
Day 6: Fresh fruit
Day 7: Fresh Vegetables

Once you get this rhythm down you can expand it and include your whole day's food intake. You can also add in your water/liquid intake.   Do it week by week, experiment and eventually you will notice how your body feels and how each change of diet affects your moods and energy.

Eventually, you will create the diet theory that works for you, eating the foods that you enjoy, that are satisfying and  that make you feel good.   And what else  .... oh yeah ...those love handles disappear!

Caloric Density

Caloric density (CD) is the number of calories per pound for each food.

© Integrative Nutrition

 VEGETABLES CD                              FRUIT CD

celery 65                                               cantaloupe 140

lettuce 65                                               berries 140

cucumber 70                                         papaya 180

broccoli 130                                          peach 200

kale 130                                                orange 210

onion 155                                              pear 270

carrot 195                                             apple 270

corn 390                                               banana 420

potato 490

yam 525

BEANS + PRODUCTS CD                        GRAIN CD

tofu 270                                                      oatmeal, plain 280

black beans 600                                         buckwheat 420

chickpeas 740                                             brown rice 500

Dianne Rini ,owner and founder of All Within Nutrition, is a Holistic "Healthy Life" Coach,Clear Light Healer/Teacher, and Reiki Master.  Contact her for a Health History consultation and healing session at Learn about her successful 6 month program Body -Mind- Soul life-changing experience at www.allwithinnutrition.

Metaphysical Corner

Affirmation for the month. Program your subconscious for Prosperity. 

"I affirm that in the Presence of the Creator,I already am prosperous and that this prosperity is beginning to materialize around me. I give thanks that it is so,and SO IT IS!"

You can replace the work Creator with God, Higher Self, Buddha, Universal Source- whatever word you resonate with  feel comfortable with.

 Repeat this affirmation at least three times(to yourself / out loud) regularly each day and through out the day especially in place of that "negative chatter" that plagues our minds.  Each time you say this affirmation you will further influencing your mind into the type of mental attitude that attracts prosperity, both physically and spiritually.

In Loving Light!